Driving Innovation with Agile Tools

Understanding the agile mindset and applying agile methods

Kursnummer: STR-119


In times of extremely volatile markets, the traditional methods and tools are no longer enough to tackle the challenges of the digital world. Individuals and companies need to adapt to changes in an agile manner, being able not only to follow trends but at best to trigger and lead them.

Agile is a mindset, a set of values and principles as well as several frameworks and methodologies. Originating from the software development industry, the agile way is applicable to any fast changing and uncertain environment. It enables leaders from all sectors to be innovative every day. Growing in popularity, agile methodologies have been expanded and adopted in financial institutions, design firms, government offices and other places. With a flexible approach and the right starting base, this training course will support you in finding a way to make agile work for you.

This workshop will be held in English language.

Was Sie lernen

  • Introduction to agile: Agile manifesto, principles and their evolution
  • Applications and advantages of agile approaches compared to waterfall project management
  • Agile mindset, empowered teams, collaborative retrospection
  • Introduction to the two most popular methodologies: Scrum and Kanban
  • Continuous improvement and experimentation

Wie Sie lernen

The workshop is organized following the “training from the back of the room” technique, including:

  • Theoretical input 
  • Practical exercises
  • Feedback and reflection in group discussions 

Für wen

  • Leaders and enablers, working in complex and constantly changing environments
  • Leaders, interested in creating the right mindset to ensure continuous improvement and sustainable development in their teams and companies 


Anablava Ligataj

Anablava Ligataj
Agile Project Manager, XING SE, Certified Scrum Master

What motivates me: Creating the right environment for individuals, teams and products to grow and stay at the edge of the future.

The impact I want to have with this workshop: Create awareness of an innovative mindset and share the frameworks agile offers to approach culture, complexity and continuous change. 

My experience: I have been part of many complex projects, in global corporations, middle sized companies, as well as working with startups. In these projects my role has varied, including project management, process management, team development, and organizational change. The one common denominator has been introducing the agile approach to these complex projects and set ups. Currently, I am the agile coach for 3 teams in the Mobile Cluster of XING. One of our main challenges is to manage the regular release of our mobile apps, a process that involves ten contributing teams. 

Gastón Salgueiro Iglesias

Gastón Salgueiro Iglesias
Senior Agile Project Manager, XING News GmbH, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Agile Practitioner (Project Management Institute)

What motivates me: To help teams find the right processes to deliver their goals, and coach them to create a safe environment in which they can develop further as both groups and individuals.

The impact I want to have with this workshop: Agile is here to drive knowledge based projects in a successful and sustainable way. This workshop introduces the basics and empowers the participants to start the transition of their daily routines using an agile mindset.

My experience: I have been a Software Developer, Technical Lead and Project Manager while working and managing projects for early adopters of agile like Google and Electronic Arts in Argentina, United States and Europe. I've also been involved in the startup landscape. I'm currently supporting four teams in XING News, helping them deliver value and successful products, while maintaining a healthy environment in which people feel empowered and improve continuously.

Zeit und Ort

Zeit: 26.05.2018, 10:00-18:00 Uhr
freie Plätze
Ort: ProjektZentrum Berlin der Stiftung Mercator
1. OG
Neue Promenade 6
10178  Berlin
Kursnummer: STR-119

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