LEAD Covid Survey 2.0

Are companies preparing themselves, their leaders and employees to a high enough degree on entering the new (hybrid) world?

Some of the main findings in a nutshell: 

  •  Leaders are entering a more forward looking view
  • Managing in todays and tomorrows organization require a complex skill-set
  • Leaders continue to feel a great need to exchange
  • Less reinvention and innovative changes
  • Our 2.0 survey focus topic: what do New Work/ Flexible Work models look like post-covid?


A new normality seems to have somehow settled – despite continued uncertainty and managing business in a mainly remote world. While we kept most of our questions similar to Survey 1.0, we added a few assumptions regarding a new focus area. Most of them proved right. From behind the screens, in many people’s home offices a new normal is slowly taking shape.

While the focus is on planning the new normal we are about to enter, we ask ourselves if companies are preparing themselves, their leaders and employees on entering the new (hybrid) world to a high enough degree – where renewed office presence and technology need to meet each other at a complete new level and where many new complexities might appear.

Maybe NOW is the time for strengthened scenario planning and employee dialogues?

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