Storytelling (in English)

How to use storytelling as a leader & communicator

Kursnummer: COM-104


Storytelling is considered one of the most important tools of our times. It can help you to set visions, to inspire and motivate others, to define cultures and values, to explain who you are and what you believe in, to connect with the people you work with and much more. 

And in this training, you will find out how.  

This training will be held in English language.

This training is particularly recommended for the development of the following leadership role: Blogger

What you learn

  • How to tell a story well 
  • How to use storytelling in every day communication 
  • How to create engaging storylines 
  • How to (re)narrate a one-sided story  

How you learn

  • You will be provided with all the necessary insights and tools but mostly you will learn through practice. You will have plenty of opportunities to (re)tell stories and to create engaging storylines. 

For whom

  • Everyone who wants to learn how to use storytelling in leadership & communication 


Patrick Liebl

Patrick Liebl
Facilitator for Storytelling & Public Speaking    

What motivates me: In a world where we are surrounded by carefully curated “fake“ stories in (social)media, I am intrigued by authentic personal stories. Stories that are not shared with the goal to impress but that are an invitation to understand, learn and grow.  

What I’d like to move and shake with this course: I want to make people aware of the power that lies within storytelling - that it cannot only help you to motivate and communicate more effectively but that it can also help you to foster empathy, understanding and even shift perspectives and break free from limiting narratives.  

Experience I bring to the table: As an expert in public speaking & storytelling I empower people, organizations and companies to spread their ideas and stories. In the past 6 years I have worked with people and teams from all over the world and from all kind of backgrounds.
With a strong background in communications I have a strong focus on how to use storytelling in presentations and speeches. In the past two years, however, I discovered storytelling through another perspective: (self-)empowerment. Inspired by Michael White and his work on Narrative Therapy I am now especially interested in storytelling as a tool for empowerment and leadership. 

Zeit und Ort

Zeit: 25.11.2021, 10:00-17:00 Uhr
26.11.2021, 10:00-13:00 Uhr
freie Plätze
Ort: anywhere / online
Kursnummer: COM-104

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