Orchestrating Complexity – Leadership Lessons from the German Refugee Crisis

The "refugee crisis" of 2015 has been one of the most complex challenges for Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Affected state organizations and other organizations like emergency shelters oftentimes found themselves at the edge of chaos. At the same time, thousands of volunteers were able to adapt within days to the changing situation. Without ressources and existing structures, they were able to find creative solutions.

In our research project "Orchestrating Complexity", we talked with politicians and leaders in shelters just as volunteers, initiators of grassroots organizations, founders of social start-ups and refugees in order to find out, what organizations can learn from the refugee crisis.

What we found is a new approach for organizations to deal with complexity. We will publish our findings as part of our research series, soon. Please sign in for our newsletter to get more information and to stay tuned!

The internet facilitates self-organization, of course. There was a lot of energy.Project Manager, Refugee Shelter

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