Storytelling in Leadership (in English)

How Storytelling will Help You Thrive as a Leader

Kursnummer: COM-103


Storytelling is considered to be one of the most important leadership tools of our times. It helps you to set visions, to inspire and motivate others, to define cultures and values, to explain who you are and what you believe in, to connect with the people you work with and much more. The question is: how? Although storytelling seems to be everywhere, it still remains a rather blurry concept and most people struggle when and how to apply it. And even those who already use it consciously might still not have discovered all of its many layers.

In this training, we will analyze what storytelling really is about, what it can be good for but also where and why it can be dangerous and manipulative. You will discover the secrets and power of storytelling in leadership, and how to apply it on different levels as well as for different situations. We will have a look at storytelling in politics & society, organizations & companies and - most importantly - storytelling on a personal level. Finally, you will get the opportunity to (re)discover your personal story as a leader as well as a person.

This training will be held in English language.

What you learn

  • understanding how storytelling works and how to apply it as a leader in your society, your organization or company and on a personal level
  • how to tell and share different stories in different contexts
  • how to be more aware of manipulative or misleading stories
  • improving your public speaking skills
  • discovering your personal leadership story
  • getting the opportunity to grow on a personal level

How you learn

  • practical work sessions/exercises
  • interactive discussions and analysis
  • group work
  • inquiry based learning

For whom

  • managers who want to learn about storytelling as a leadership tool
  • managers who are highly motivated to develop and share stories that can bring about positive change in their society, organization and company or team but also on a personal level
  • leaders and enablers with a curious mind, who want to (re)discover their personal story and to contribute to an empathetic and supporting training environment


Patrick Liebl

Patrick Liebl
Coach for Storytelling & Public Speaking  

What motivates me: I am fascinated by stories especially in the context of interpersonal communication and consider it one of the most powerful tools to spread ideas and inspiration and to foster understanding, trust and empathy.

What I’d like to move and shake with this course: By sharing my insights into the art of storytelling I want to help leaders to spread their ideas, to inspire and motivate others and to foster understanding, trust and empathy as well as to reflect on their own personal (leadership) story.

Experience I bring to the table: As a public speaking & storytelling coach I empower people, organizations and companies to spread their ideas and stories. After completing my studies in political science I started to work at an international PR agency where I specialized on political and corporate communication. In 2014, after attending the TEDSalon in Berlin, I decided to start working as a coach for public speaking and have since then specialized in storytelling, TED-style talks, change communication, science communication, motivational speeches and pitching and have helped hundreds of TEDx speakers, leaders and game changers to share their ideas and stories.

Zeit und Ort

Zeit: 24.03.2020, 10:00-18:00 Uhr
25.03.2020, 09:30-12:30 Uhr
freie Plätze
Ort: LEAD Academy Space
Leuschnerdamm 13
10999  Berlin
Kursnummer: COM-103

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