International Summer School 2019

Intensive New Leadership Development

  • 5-day intensive training and networking in the heart of Berlin from 05-09 August, 2019
  • 80 interdisciplinary participants from businesses, government and civil society
  • kick-off leadership conference
  • 5-week online module "Leading in the Digital Age"
  • participants become part of the growing LEAD community



Our Trainings

Each day will cover one of the four tracks LEAD has identi- fied as being crucial for successful leadership in the digital age. As participant you can choose 4 from a total of 16 trainings.

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Self- Reflection: August 6, 2019

  • Bernd Bender: The Mindful Leader or Mindful Self-Management?

    In this workshop, participants learn mindfulness practices that can be applied in both private and professional situations. They will learn to notice bodily, emotional and intellectual responses and habits. This inner feedback loop will enable them to develop positive solutions even in situations of tension and uncertainty.

  • Judit Teichert: Immunity to Change

    This workshop is a participant-driven exploration of people’s resistance to change. You will analyze a professional development goal that you have struggled to make progress on and will work on real-life cases from the energy, automotive and education sectors of group resistance to change.

  • Andrea Naurath: Leading in a Self-Conscious way

    This training is introducing the method “The Voice Dialogue”. The Voice Dialogue helps discover different interests and voices in yourself. Since life and business become more demanding, it is time to enhance our capacity to lead ourselves consciously in order to lead others properly as well. In this workshop, we explore and reflect on our possibilities and limitations in both a theoretical and practical way.

  • Anais Bock: Strength-Oriented Leadership

    Most approaches for finding solutions entail root cause and problem analyses and driving change the traditional way meant controlling people to control outcomes. Strengths-based leadership allows you to shift your control from the problem to the solution, hereby empowering people to drive the change they care about from a purpose-driven place. This workshop is geared towards transferring solution-focused tools to your own practice. Your personal questions and cases are welcome.

Strategy: August 7, 2019

  • Christiane Hütter: Social Fiction for future strategies

    How do we want to live in the future? No expert on earth can predict our future. Because our future is unwritten and it is complex. But how can we still imagine a future worth living and even actively co-create this future? We are simply going to prototype and test it! Let’s DO the future: The tools of collaborative Game Design and Storytelling give us the chance to create, explore, experience and discuss social fictions.

  • Fritz Lensch: What can we learn from Berlin about leading change?

    A city like Berlin has seen more change than we ever could. We will go on an expedition to become aware of the change that happens all around us and reflect on its leadership lessons. By experiencing remarkable places and people around the city we will learn about leading change – in our own lives, our teams and the world.

  • René Maurer: Effectuation

    Effectuation makes entrepreneurship learnable. Effectuation is being adopted as our best approximation of an “entrepreneurial method.” It makes it possible to develop business cases and strategies that cannot be based on data from the past and in situations where no future prognosis is possible. Participants will learn how to use the methods and tools for their own organization.

  • Rakesh Kasturi: How to fall in love with problems?

    Most people in organizations fail to recognize the significance of getting clarity on the problem they’re solving, before building solutions. Why? Because it's easier to talk about solutions than problems. This usually results in over-engineered, awkward solutions that don’t necessarily solve the real problem or do the job your customers are looking to fulfill. 

    In this workshop, you'll learn to fall in love with problems by making friends with questions like, "Is it a problem worth solving?" and "Does everyone impacted by the problem understand it well?". Whether you work in a corporate, non-profit or academic environment, you'll understand how to align your teams around clearly (re)framed problems that need to be solved. This workshop will give you the diagnostic skills as well as the confidence needed to successfully zero in on the right problems before building and launch solutions.



Organization: August 8, 2019

  • Filip Moriau: Remote Leadership

    In the global world teams no longer need to work together in a single office. Global and remote leadership requires a unique set of skills and very much differs from the traditional style of local management. Communication and work are based on committed global settings. How can a leader manage a new workstyle while his or her teams work in different locations? Logistical, digital as well as cultural challenges need to be addressed. This training will provide knowledge and skills on how to be a remote leader and lead and adapt in a global world.

  • Cornelius Schaub: Smart Decision Making in Organizations/Teams

    When it comes to decision making, you will often find a conflict between goals and individual needs, people feel trapped in the middle and avoid deciding, due to the fear of a “wrong decision”. In this training you will understand and explore the decision behavior of yourself and your team. You will learn tools and strategies that help to also take smart decision in groups and organizations.

  • Imke Wangerin: Collaboration in Teams

    Working in teams often leads to the challenge of efficiently connecting and combining a high diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and values. Equally, different roles, hierarchies and motivations ask for specific leadership in terms of communication.In this workshop we are using techniques, reflection of our individual attitudes and active listening in order to learn how to conduct conversations on a 1 on 1 level and within groups.

  • Dr. Jörn Apel: Next level Organizations - How to transform your organization from the inside out

    In this training we will explore different organizational and cultural patterns of the past and take a peek at next level organizations following agile and self-organized principles. You will learn about the Loop Approach, a framework that empowers teams to transform their organization towards a next level organization. We will deep dive into some core concepts of the framework and have a hands-on session on how you might utilize the Loop Approach for your team or organization.

Communication: August 9, 2019

  • Miriam Rupp: Storytelling and Digital PR

    Throughout history people have turned to stories to find meaning. Storytelling equally has great potential as a business tool, and in the age of social media, digital storytelling is more powerful than ever. Benefitting from its impact, companies can use storytelling to shape the perception of their brands and products and create emotional connections with customers. In this workshop you will learn how to tell your story and what kind of tools your organization needs in the realm of “Digital PR”.

  • Patrick Liebl: Talk like TED

    In this workshop we will explore the principles of great storytelling and uncover the secrets of the famous TED Talks in particular. Your ideas deserve to be presented in a persuasive and powerful way. Luckily, great storytelling is a skill that can be learned and mastered.

  • Felix Miller: Win-Win Negotiation Lab

    In this very practical and highly interactive negotiation lab, we will explore the challenges of win-win negotiation.  How to balance the dynamics of competition and cooperation in negotiation? How do we approach negotiations from a position of strength, ensuring that we get what we want, while at the same time nurturing the relationship to the other side and honoring ethical precepts?  How do we prepare strategically? And how do we enjoy the energy of the “negotiation dance”?

  • Jasmin Solfaghari: Stage Presence

    Leaders from all sectors are constantly asked to present impactful, to leave a long-lasting and positive impression and to inspire their audience. Even though the content and structure are clear and set: How do I really catch my audience?
    To strengthen your physical presence, we are using techniques from the opera stage: Underlying texts, dialects, breathing techniques, perception of space and simulations. You will learn to situate yourself and to align your words with your body – as a result you will present yourself clear and focused.