Purpose in Action (in English)

A Tool for Individual and Team Alignment

Kursnummer: ORG-109


For the past few years the term 'purpose' has spread throughout business realms. Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” is often referenced to and Ikigai has become a common diagram on inspiring office walls. Yet, the quest for purpose can feel elusive and abstract. We know when we feel purposeless, but it doesn’t feel like an easy concept to work with, especially on a corporate level.  

This workshop is about understanding the multi-faceted nature of purpose, both as an individual and as a leader. It will provide you with a language, framework and tools to work with purpose – as a means for steering your career and for creating a shared sense of direction within your team and your company. Because a strong sense of purpose motivates and bring hearts and minds together.  

This training will be held in English language.

What you learn

  • how to use the purpose diagram to identify the thoughts and patterns that may be stopping you from feeling purposeful and inhibit steering your career in the desired direction
  • a lens and language to address purpose on a team and company level
  • the four different kinds of company purpose (intention, perception, communication, transformation)
  • tools to hold your own purpose mini-workshop

How you learn

  • theoretical input and lots of interactive practice 
  • using the purpose diagram as a framework for alignment and action 
  • deep individual and group reflections 
  • ideas for application in your work context  
  • peer coaching 

For whom

  • executives who believe that work should do good and feel good, for yourself, your people and the world at large (even if that’s currently not the case) 
  • executives who would like to move beyond the philosophy of purpose to purposeful doing 
  • executives who appreciate both deep reflection and entertaining lightness


Anaïs Bock

Anaïs Bock
Founder of Let’s Work Magic / Speaker, Team Developer and Train the Trainer

What motivates me: An immense curiosity for work that feels good and does good. People who want to change the world.

What I’d like to move and shake with this course: I love combining research, applicable tools, psychology and a good feeling to create a useful and fun learning space that everyone is nourished by. I love participants to walk away feeling the active interdependence of their individual and company purpose, excited to spread their insights.

Experience I bring to the table: I am an organisational behaviourist (MSc) and have been speaking, training and facilitating internationally since 2011. My focus has always been to highlight and help integrate the seemingly soft as a means for deep business transformation. Common topics include emotional intelligent communication, team development and of course purpose, which I have been researching since 2012. I developed the four-part purpose diagram, I’m a certified image and personal branding consultant, NeuroColor trainer (a personality inventory rooted in neuroscience) and used to work as a trainer in luxury hospitality. 

Zeit und Ort

Zeit: 24.09.2020, 16:00-20:00 Uhr
25.09.2020, 12:00-20:00 Uhr
freie Plätze
Ort: anywhere / online
Kursnummer: ORG-109

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