Win-Win Negotiation Lab (in English)

Negotiating Playfully to a Better Result

Kursnummer: COM-108


Win-win negotiations lead to positive results and a satisfying deal as well as creating value for both parties. Furthermore, they foster both the outcome and a constructive relationship and use of power. This highly practical and interactive course will help participants practice their skills and experience the benefits of win-win negotiation. By following practical and playful approaches, we will develop win-win negotiation skills. We will make use of games and simulations to teach in an experiential way with plenty of feedback and reflection on each.

This training will be held in English language.

What you learn

  • planning a negotiation strategically
  • understanding and changing negotiation dynamics
  • generating alternatives
  • separating relationship and content
  • systematic goalsetting

How you learn

  • series of games and simulations to learn experientially
  • plenty of feedback and reflection

For whom

  • anyone with curiosity about negotiation and a place to apply it
  • no prior experience necessary  


Mark Young

Dr. Mark Young
Consultant, trainer, lecturer and writer

What motivates me: Changing the world playfully. 

What I’d like to move and shake with this courseTo show participants how much fun negotiation can be, and how relevant to today’s world it is.

Experience I bring to the tableI have 15 years work experience with two major banks, with McKinsey and Company and as a trade negotiator for the US government. With my company, Rational Games Inc., I use playful methods to teach negotiation in order to then support initiatives and individuals that make creative use of games and play to resolve conflict. I have a Doctoral degree at Humboldt University Berlin focusing on rational behavior in negotiations and teaching experience in 35 countries.

Zeit und Ort

Zeit: 07.05.2020, 11:00-19:00 Uhr
Ort: anywhere / online
Kursnummer: COM-108

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