Achieving Goals in the Face of Adversity (in English)

How to Lead Teams with REAL Objectives®

Kursnummer: STR-101


Working with objectives is considered the most successful modern management method when it comes to focused team work. But usually the shared goals are aligned to an ideal case scenario, which ignores the adversities of reality. Such unrealistic goals stand in the way of focused execution of tasks, can cause the team cohesion to break down and often leads to frustration.

This workshop was created by Stragilon (Strategic Agile Innovation) and reveals a simple breakthrough methodology, which uses potential obstacles as raw material to rethink the setting of goals. Participants learn to see problems as clever clues and embrace complexity through reapplying it as a strategic agile tool. By focusing on how they can expand their control, they can also find alternative ways to solve problems with existing resources in the face of adversity.

This workshop will be held English language.

What you learn

  • the methodology of REAL Objectives® to help achieve team goals through clarity, simplicity and a common language
  • maintaining focus and constructive thinking in the face of adversity
  • how to work together in a focused team without duplicating or overlooking tasks

How you learn

  • with the help of design thinking and neuroscience, this method of strategic agility generates team resilience and focus
  • clear methodology for prioritising and developing an action plan
  • reinventing box thinking into circular thinking, eliminating the in-box out-of-the-box dilemma

For whom

  • executives who wish to achieve goals in complex environments
  • executives who manage teams with complex team dynamics
  • executives who want to improve communication and motivation in their team


Filip Moriau

Filip Moriau
Founder & CEO of STRAGILON

What motivates me: Innovation, Agility and the Future of Innovation are at the heart of Stragilon’s philosophy and my own.

What I’d like to move and shake with this course: During this workshop, we will implement new principles to understand how we can lead agile talents today. We will create a safe, positive and effective work environment for managers and teams, which will prepare them to face the complexity of their tasks.

Experience I bring to the table: As CEO of Stragilon, I bring a lot of experimentation and deep practical experience. Stragilon is a global consultancy with clients in all corners of the globe. We specialize in strategic agility and innovation. Personally, as a lecturer in innovation at an international MBA program, I am in contact with many researchers and students in this field. Currently, we are developing new digital products to underpin our consultancy, helping teams to understand how to speed up, scale and build a resilient, agile culture in their venture.

Zeit und Ort

Zeit: 28.08.2020, 12:00-20:00 Uhr
freie Plätze
Ort: LEAD Academy Space
Leuschnerdamm 13
10999  Berlin
Kursnummer: STR-101

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