People are vital assets
in a complex world

Rapid change and transformation define today’s increasingly digital and networked organizations. LEAD focuses on the people driving innovation, new processes and structures. We provide the mindsets and capabilities to make exceptional leadership and strategic action a part of your organization’s DNA.

We work for what drives you

Do you want to forge change in your organization but aren’t so sure how to get started? Could your high performers be better team players? Do your employees need priming to participate fully in the digital age? Is it time to operationalize a new vision or strategy for your organization?

LEAD Mindsets and Capabilities is your partner for finding bespoke solutions for both you and your organization. Our team of experienced consultants, trainers and coaches work together to synthesize an approach that is right for you, and together we work side-by-side along the way to guide you through to success.

Our believe


You and your team are well prepared with solutions that are developed specifically for your organization. The methods and techniques we co-develop with you are unique to your own needs.


We help you come together with members of your team to develop solutions that everyone owns and can stand behind.


Good solutions pave the way for your organization, from your original goals to a robust future. We help you to add up your successes, and to keep the winning toolbox accessible as your needs grow over time.


Together we create the space and lasting dynamics to keep change and evolution a priority in your organization, now and for the future.

Our promise

Change occurs at a faster rate than ever in today’s world, and we’ll work with you to better understand and make change a part of your daily business.

When you imagine the structures and processes needed to get your new strategy up and running, you might see that lines of reporting are blurred, or that role stretching is required of team members. What happens when people don’t have the skills to keep up? Will they lose sight of the vision? With the right approach, you can embrace flexibility as a new cultural norm in your organization.

Our holistic approach follows Ken Wilber’s integral model. We work together with you to connect and empower people in four areas: motivation, skills, culture and structure.

With increased digitalization and the latest technology come fundamental changes in processes and structures. And they have a profound impact on how people communicate and work together. These blurred lines make it unclear who is leading whom. 

What does good leadership require in this new setting, and what can strengthen leaders to have the right competencies?

Together, we work with you to translate the latest in the digital world that is affecting leadership competencies, so that you can better understand possible opportunities for your organization. We will empower you and your team to engage in these processes to secure your success, right now and for the future.

A well-practiced leadership team is key for success as your organization experiences horizontal hierarchies and decentralized leadership.

Often, change-induced contractions in the structure of an organization can be the root cause of conflicts in management teams. Working on trust within the top team not only improves efficiency, but also brings to light important aspects that underlie conflict.

At LEAD, we use tried and tested assessment tools in our work and pair them with a pragmatic approach to accurately address and anticipate your needs. We also foster a trusting and safe environment that allows for meaningful growth during your journey - for individual team members and the entire management team.

Even the best intentions must be met with skills to get the job done. Team motivation depends on being equipped with the right skills to communicate successfully with others, to participate in change processes, and to develop and advocate for solutions together.

Leadership is different in the digital age. You and your team need the right skills to successfully meet today's challenges. 

We join your processes to analyze the abilities that are most relevant to your team. We develop advanced training programs, from the condensed training format to entire academies with curricula - online and offline. Wherever it may be helpful, we bring in our network of excellent trainers and instructors.

People who work together engage in social dynamics that can be impaired by the performance style of the team as a whole. Brewing conflicts and tension, lack of orientation and direction can hinder a team’s ability to work to capacity.

Central questions for the team often remain unanswered: Will my goals match those of the team to get the job done? Who can make a particularly good contribution? How can we optimize our working relationships?

We help your team to create a trusting space that allows them to become open and appreciative to themselves and the other team members. And, since we accompany your team in the negotiation of rules and roles, we provide tailored techniques to anchor good performance that is specific to your team and to your organization.

Organizations are confronted with ever-changing environmental conditions and expectations. The success and performance potential of an organization are increasingly dependent on adaptability and flexibility - of both the organization and the individual. Executives and their teams need to be quick on their feet, but also reflect and adapt on the go.

But how do you approach a complex environment? What structures and competencies will equip your organization to ride along with adequate speed, have the right foresight, and anticipate new challenges?

We assist you and your team to set up and lead your organization with agility among the complex requirements of the today’s marketplace, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Every organization can improve upon its efficiency from year to year to better impact on performance and competitiveness. This can also carry over to each employee on the team.

In order to survive in the long term, organizations have to take measure of themselves regularly. Questions to ask: Are we placing the right focus on that which will help reach our goals? Is the right focus right? Effectiveness and efficiency are important - especially in the public and nonprofit sector.

Unlike other consulting organizations, we join you on your journey to develop and implement the best possible solution, rather than handing you a pre-made fix. We believe you can best help to routinely raise awareness about your own needs. Together, we capture and evaluate structures, activities and impact. In cooperation with your team, we develop the right solutions for your organization both today and in the face of tomorrow.

Our team

Dr. Stefan Anderer

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Hi, I am Stefan. Pilgrim. Psychologist. And I like asking questions.

Since very early on, it has enriched me to ask questions. I am passionate about getting to the bottom of things - as a pilgrim on the Way of St. James after high school I literally went to the end of the world (“Finisterra”). During my studies of psychology and later while doing my doctorate on values in business and society I translated my discoveries into practical tools, scientific output and teaching.

After an excursion into consulting for (digital) corporate culture I joined LEAD. I am eager to help clients to find out about their needs – and to develop holistic and practical solutions that reflect the complexity of their situation jointly. Does that sound good to you? Well, let me ask you a few questions… 

+49 160 978 253 92

#why #curiosity #resonance #camino #balance #topteameffectiveness #oneonone
#(org)culture #facilitation #change


Mathis Budny

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Hi, I am Mathis.

I am passionate about exploring leadership challenges from widely varying perspectives in order to find key leverage points for change. As a design-loving industrial engineer who preferably reads psychology books, I always enjoyed making connections between disciplines, am eager to discover new work environments and collaborate with people from different backgrounds. With agile methodologies and design thinking I support teams to find creative solutions. And, in order not to lose sight of the big picture, I believe in taking mindful breaks.


#DigitalNative #InterdisciplinaryMindset #DesignThinking #AgileMindset&Behavior #EmotionalIntelligence #Resonance #ChangeAsAMovement #LeanOperations

We are looking for you!

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At LEAD, we believe in a team of great people. And we are growing.

Currently we are looking for:

Consultants (all levels, up to partner) [description in German]

Maximilian Gracz

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I’m Max. Half-Polish. Freshly married. Passionate trainer & enthusiastic about seeing others grow.

I’m driven by the fact that people like you and me shape businesses. We need processes, systems, and structures. Yes, and… we need leaders and team members that actively drive the change. It ultimately comes down to their mindsets and capabilities. Seeing others grow and building on organizational strengths is what inspires me. I’m a certified management trainer but more importantly, I love bringing out the best of people. As a former digital IT strategist and industrial engineer, I know the big technical picture. Let us bring it together with people’s development to unlock the full potential of you and your organization.


#DigitalNative #LeadershipDevelopment #MovementCreator #MindsetChanger #OrganizationalStrengthBuilder #ChangeEnabler #DigitalTransformation #TeamCommunication #PersonalDevelopment 



Dr. Tobias Leipprand

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I'm Tobias. Founder, digital venturer, yogi.

I love helping organizations learn and grow. As a physicist I bring the sharp analytics to crack your business problem. As an avid yoga practitioner I train an open heart. I know that's needed to facilitate deep change and transformation. I've co-founded and built various (social) ventures, and I'm blessed to be trusted to support leadership teams in companies, startups and INGOs alike. In my work, I'm both extremely determined and playful.

+49 175 1681579 (Call or Whatsapp)

#DigitalTransformation #HumanSideOfBusiness #LargeGroupFacilitation #ChangeAsAMovement #PlayfulProfessional #SurfingTheEdge #PurposeIsEverything

Marius Möhler

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Hi! I am Marius.

I’ve always been fascinated by change – and how people cope with change, confront change, provoke change. So I have dedicated my career to support organizations interacting with change in the most productive way. Be it a German refugee agency that needs to rapidly scale capacity, NGOs that want to form hand washing habits in schools or companies that want to increase psychology safety and accountability in their leadership teams.  I am here to support. For this, I can draw from a broad set of tools and approaches – including behavioral insights, human-centered design and Adaptive Leadership.


Pascal A. Nonnen

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Hi, I am Pascal. Rheinländer. Climber. Sociology nerd & passionate musician!

I am fascinated by how digital technology is shaping our society. I find it particularly exciting to see disruptive business models and the changing needs of younger generations give rise to new demands on work and organizations. I have made it my mission to drive these changes. Be it as facilitator of leadership workshops or researcher of algorithmic management practices. I approach problems with agile methodologies, sociological systems thinking, and a knack for interdisciplinary reasoning. Let’s get in touch!

+49 162 77 83836

#LeadershipDevelopment #OKRs&Agility #Resonance&Work #AlgorithmicManagement #OrganizationalDevelopment #InterdisciplinaryMindset #DigitalTransformation #NewWork #Change #WaitButWhy #DrivenByMeaning

Tim Robert Schleicher

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Hey, I’m Tim. Enabling you to leverage data!

The Data Revolution hits organizations with full force. I believe that Artificial Intelligence can only flourish if your employees embrace and drive it. That’s why I’d love to work with you to reap the benefits of the new playing field by implementing Machine Learning prototypes – jointly with your teams. Doing so, we can truly advance the way the way you work and the impact you make! My background in Data Science, Relational Economics and many years as a digital transformation consultant helps me with that. You want to become a leader in Machine Learning? Just reach out...

LEAD Machine Learning

+49 174 932 1930

#DeepLearning #ValueCreation #EmpowerEmployees #DigitalSkills #NeuralNetworks #PrototypingMindset #GitHub #TensorFlow #AllOnBoard #DriveChange #ExploreData #GetThingsDone #TestError

Alessandro Schneider

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Hi, I am Alessandro! Friendly, open-minded and always willing to help.

I was always in love with coding and it early became my passion to found online communities that connect people. At the age of 14 I started with a Comic Forum, after high school I founded an international accommodation community with more than 30.000 members and in 2016 I started a community which connected refugees and locals. I realized how important the influence of data in a digital world is and started studying Data Science and Machine Learning.  Today I combine all I know! At LEAD Machine Learning we consult NGOs and companies in leveraging data insights in their digital processes. Besides integrating these insights into software applications we focus on behavioral insights that leadership teams can use culturally to integrate new digital driven approaches into their organization.

 #Digital #DataScience #MachineLearning #Programming

Maj Seider

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I am Maj. Danish. Mother. Full of energy & love living in Berlin!

I describe myself as an energetic change facilitator and speaker who is not afraid of taking charge – also within new territories. I love working with people on opportunities for innovation, change and entrepreneurship. My professional background is mainly within Global Human Resources where I have had the pleasure of leading projects and teams through bigger transformations. I work with a strategic but pragmatic, creative and user-centric view. Would love to talk to you about how I can help you!

+49 151 53 55 9128

#DigitalEnablement #OrganizationalDevelopment #LeadershipDevelopment #ChangeManagement #TeamCollaboration #CultureChangeActivation #HRstrategy #AgileMindset&Behavior #OfficeCollaboration

Dr. Therese Thürmer

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I am Therese. Practioner & Academic. Single-Mom. Art lover. Berliner. 

I am someone who loves clarity and transformation to the next level. This has led me to support LEAD clients on their development paths - as an organization or personally. Organizational design, cultural transformation, leadership coaching, (top) team building and development, remote facilitation – I dedicate myself to all of them. My background consists of longtime experience in the field of digital strategic communication and academic research in the field of organizational design, digitized knowledge work and self-determined work motivation. My sanctuary is modern art, where I find inspiration, energy, and grounding.

+ 49 175 64 10 791

#OrgDesign #CulturalTransformation #LeadershipDevelopment #LeadershipCoaching #RemoteLeadership #WorkMotivation #SDT #DigitizedWork #Clarity #Change

Oliver Marc Triebel

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I am Oliver. Curious & enthusiastic. Musician & cook.

I am passionate about creating: not only melodies and tastes, but also ideas for our clients, courses of action for my coachees, narratives supporting the sustainable success of organizations. At McKinsey, at Bertelsmann, and now at LEAD, I am supporting organizations, their leaders and employees for more than 25 years now – as a consultant, trainer, coach, and facilitator. Enabling and co-creation is at the center of how I work. Let’s meet and talk!




Constanze Witt

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I am Constanze. A born and bred West Berliner, with French connections. 

I am part of LEAD M&C since it was founded, helping it grow and streamlining organisational, financial and personnel processes. I am responsible for coordinating consulting projects as well as financial and personnel processes.Connecting people, organising with precision and reacting quickly to the needs of clients and team members are my strengths. I have an eye for detail, always spotting what’s missing and what can be improved, while staying down to earth. I acquired my competences during my years with McKinsey, where I last worked as an assistant to the management. After a four-year excursion into the world of renewable energy, I decided to join LEAD.
+49 30 9210 285-52

#Intrapreneurship #Reliability #ConnectingPeople #OrganisationalExpert

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