What drives us

How should we lead in the 21st century? How can we use leadership to strengthen the public good? As leaders, how do we steer our organizations in times of turbulence? How can others participate and assume leadership? How much do we organize, and how much is self-organized? How can we deal with the pressure that comes with increased responsibility? And how do we stay healthy and balanced in stressful times?

At LEAD, these are the questions we care about most deeply. Together with our LEAD Community, we seek and provide answers. The LEAD Academy Programs enable executives to expand their network and competences. Our think tank, LEAD Ideas, searches for answers to critical questions about leadership in the digital age.

Our community

We believe that a new leadership can only be built together. We are very grateful be able to work with a constantly growing, diverse, cross-sectorial community every day. 

In the LEAD community we are united in the belief that leadership today and in the future needs to be people-centered, it needs to focus on the public good, work toward long-term goals and build bridges. Members of the LEAD community support each other in their development to jointly change the face of leadership for the future.

For details on the members of the LEAD community, feel free to contact us or check out the German version of this website. 

Our mission

LEAD is a non-profit social business located in the heart of Berlin. We support leaders from non-profit, the business sector, academia and government in taking on leadership for the public good. 

At LEAD we believe a new leadership paradigm is needed. Future Leaders need to go beyond the mere interests of their organization or their career. Leaders need to build bridges, empower others, think long-term and care for the public good and society. Only then can we successfully tackle the major challenges of our time, including climate change, the migration crises, the rise of populism, and the inclusion of minorities.