Migration Ambassadors

  • We strengthen those in refugee aid, enabling them to become migration ambassadors 
  • Volunteers and social workers learn through workshops to make their initiatives more sustainable and how to build synergies between themselves 
  • We offer important tips and insights on how to organize and professionalize oneself
  • Experts share their knowledge in a way that carries the greatest impact  


In the past year, many initiatives were set up to aid refugees and provide support in their social lives. The most innovative solutions focused on human relationships instead of bureaucracy. This also gave rise to an added pressure to become more professional and better coordinated, as shown by the growing number of volunteers and the increasingly complex needs of refugees.

Migration Ambassadors brings together initiators, founders and multipliers of new initiatives and social enterprises with a faculty of experienced facilitators. In leadership and entrepreneurial workshops, they work together to strengthen the efforts and cohesion of civil society in the context of migration and flight. They provide active people with a space to learn skills for the sustainable development of their organizations, to network and grow as a community committed to a society defined by responsibility, mutual respect and courage.


Daniel Corral

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Daniel is a born explorer with a degree in International Law and Politics at Sorbonne. After years spent in communities around the world, ranging from ecovillages and Camphills to favelas and refugee camps, he's unshaken in the belief that individual action, although insufficient, is of paramount importance. Originally from Brazil, living in Berlin since 2015, he has been actively engaged in the creation and expansion of Humanitarian Aid ("SafeJourney") and Integration projects ("Schön, dass Ihr da Seid").

"All three trainings have had a very positive impact not only in my activities with refugees, but in my personal life as well. I've presented this knowledge to my colleagues, and together we've been able to apply in our organization many of the concepts and strategies learned during the first two workshops. We have created new, highly participative processes that have been guiding our action and structuring much of our work. From our core team meetings to the onboarding of new volunteers and the delegation of tasks, we have gained clarity about our organization structure, individual expectations, and collective purpose. We feel more empowered, and have the comfortable impression that we now know a bit better what we're doing. 
The idea received on the third workshop, comparing "negotiation to a dance, in which both partners should feel successful", is a very powerful one. Using the skills learned on that occasion we were able to push this idea forward and implement the changes needed in our organizations. These tools have proven very valuable and we will definitely be using them again in our exchanges with partners and authorities.

I would definitely recommend the trainings to anyone willing to make something concrete out of this knowledge."

Jaime Fernández

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"The training activities of LEAD are exceptional. SavingBuddies is a small organization, so the opportunity to network with similar initiatives in an intimate and open environment has given us incredible energy and ideas for the future. The trainers are highly professional and provided a fascinating combination of knowledge, experience and updates on a variety of issues key to the success of non for profit organizations."

"Das Trainingsprogramm von LEAD ist einzigartig. SavingBuddies ist eine kleine Organisation und die Möglichkeit uns, mit anderen Organisationen in einer persönlichen und offenen Atmosphäre auszutauschen, hat uns enorme Energie und Ideen für die Zukunft gegeben. Die Trainer sind hoch qualifiziert und bieten eine faszinierende Kombination aus Kenntnissen, praktischen Erfahrungen und Aktualisierungen in Bezug auf verschiedene Schlüsselthemen für den Erfolg von Nonprofit-Organisationen."

www.facebook.com/ />savingbuddies/

Jasmin Mir

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I am Jasmin, 22 years-old, and at the end of my international relations studies. Together with Simon and Homayoon, we created the initiative Housing & Integration. Our aim is to find solutions to the housing issue and the lack of integration within the current refugee situation.

Website: www.hi.refugeeinnovationchallenge.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HousingandIntegration/

"My bigger vision is to live in a society in which we look at migration neither from a scapegoating angle nor from a patronizing perspective. I aim for a society with peaceful cohabitation, in which the multicultural aspect is seen as an opportunity rather than a threat."

"A very important insight in developing the initiative was the need for an intensive engagement with the people we want to serve and the wish to understand them. Only when we understood both the needs and expectations of all stakeholders involved, we could develop the concept in the way it exists now. In a first step we visited camps and got into contact with many newcomers. In our talks with them, a surprising learning was that they do not only want to move out of the camp but even prefer to move in together with locals. In a second step, we talked to the locals in 200 short interviews on the streets and an online survey. Through these results we added especially the temporary aspect.

'By far the most important skill is intercultural sensitivity. Developing an initiative based on the needs and wishes of the people we want to serve, locals and newcomers alike, requires the ability to understand their pains and gains, communicate with them verbally and non-verbally, and  to empathize with their cultural background.

Courtney O'Connell

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I am originally from New York, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, an English teaching certification, and training in improvisational comedy. Since moving to Berlin in 2009, I have been teaching English to adults and children, translating texts from German to English, making artwork, and providing art workshops for children. In 2015 I helped found the group Schön, dass Ihr da seid!, which puts on annual welcome festivals on Tempelhofer Feld, and shortly after became a volunteer and coordinator for the group Kunst hilft!, which offers weekly artistic workshops with a therapeutic orientation to children in refugee shelters. 

"The project management training provided me with an overview of different ways to organize the structure of group, particularly pertaining to how a leader can interact with other volunteers. This exploration led me to consider how much work I was taking on myself, rather than delegating to, empowering and trusting others to make meaningful contributions to a group, while lightening my workload at the same time."

"The training for women working with female refugees equipped me with practical tips to keep a check on and maintain my own emotional health while working within difficult situations and circumstances. This is an element that I feel is often overlooked in this movement, so I was pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to spend time meditating on and practicing self-care."

"The leadership workshop was especially beneficial for me and, by extension, the initiatives I am a member of. We were even able to use one of my personal projects as an example to work with during the session, so I was able to easily translate some of the practical skills we learned to my work. We took a fresh perspective on ways of dividing tasks among a group of volunteers within a very flat and interconnected organization, which can often be very challenging. When, shortly after the training, I was tasked with creating a comprehensive schedule for a large event, I was able to call on this new knowledge to make smart decisions with regards to planning, preparation, and allocation of tasks."

"I have recommended Migration Ambassadors trainings to the other members of my organizations. I would love for them to not only be able to benefit from the skills one can take from the trainings themselves, but also to enjoy the platform Migration Ambassadors provides for networking and connection among the hundreds of groups currently working hard to support Berlin’s newcomers (who are often unfortunately unaware of one another)."


Bettina Fackelmann

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Mein Beruf führte und führt mich in Länder, aus denen Menschen flüchten: Afghanistan, Jordanien mit seinen vielen Flüchtlingslagern und Marokko (sei es auch „nur“ als Transitland). Alltag und Kultur sind mir also etwas vertrauter als allein durch die Medien und mir kommen Menschen und ihre Schicksale in Erinnerung, wenn ich an diese große Region denke. Gleichzeitig weiß ich auch aus eigener Erfahrung, dass die kulturellen Unterschiede im Zuge der Integration hier in Deutschland sehr herausfordernd sein können. In den besten Momenten sind sie für beide Seiten bereichernd … sei es kulinarisch, philosophisch, menschlich oder auf anderen Ebenen. Unsere Art der Kommunikation erlaubt diese besten Momente und dazu will ich beitragen.


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