Newcomers, new impulses

  • The refugee wave is a complex, collective social phenomenon that is challenging current leadership styles 
  • A network of volunteers has taken initiative and shown how dynamic, decentralized leadership can have both a quick and targeted impact
  • We can learn a lot from volunteers and activists about how we can guide organizations through organizational and entrepreneurial changes


The wave of refugees in 2015 and 2016 presented Germany with one of the greatest social challenges since reunification. Politics is not equipped to deal with these changes alone and must rely on other players. This has given rise to a new civic commitment. Volunteers, self-starters and networks have taken on new forms of responsibility and leadership.

With new ways of organization, leaders have been able to react both quickly and effectively to the challenges they face. The intermingling of digital communication with personal communities has fused technology and social innovation to find non-bureaucratic and human responses. 

In our project "Newcomers, New Impulses", we strive to bring to light what these innovations are and show how leaders with initiative and those with social enterprise can learn to react organically to complex, subcultural challenges and uncertainties, ultimately arriving at dynamic solutions.

The Idea Spreading


Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei

Talk on leadership in the context of refugee aid

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