Beyond easy answers. New leadership practice for the digital age

  • We place importance on proven leadership tools as a way to navigate through our complex and volatile world 
  • Understanding that contemporary leadership begins with the right attitude 
  • Leaders have to find a way to position themselves in dynamically changing fields 
  • This study collects insights from 31 interviews with leading executives for the purpose of providing orientation 


How does digitalization, more networking and increased volatility affect organizations and their executives? What tools are available to leaders today? And what are the attitudes of successful leaders in the digital age?

These questions are at the heart of this study Beyond Easy Answers. We discovered that the results vary because leaders have different ways of meeting challenges, irrespective of the size and type of organization. 

For the project, we spoke with 31 top executives from the business world, including board members, managing directors, company founders and decision-makers at the upper management level. The respondents were from DAX corporations and medium-sized companies, family businesses, organizations with public participation and start-ups. 


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