Map Your Style of Leadership

Everyone has a unique path towards good leadership. You can quickly identify which approaches are most vital to you at the moment with the LEAD Eight Roles Test.

Going one step further, the LEAD Leadership Compass serves you as a tool to analyse your personal strengths and to develop your leadership skills.

Identify the leadership approaches that are most important for you right now

In a digital world, there is no “One Perfect Style“ of leadership. Instead leaders need to step into one of eight different leadership roles depending on the situation to solve their most important challenges. The free Eight Roles Test will show you which two roles are most relevant for you right now!

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Map your strengths and plan your individual development journey

Good leadership can be learned – it requires new approaches and particularly the right mindset. The LEAD Leadership Compass analyses your approaches, strengths and potentials and gives you feedback through your individual role profile. Practical, tested tips will help you to adopt new approaches to implement changes in your environment even more effectively.

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Develop your role within your team 

Leadership is a social process, most often in teams. In order to be most effective with others, you have to understand your own role. The LEAD Leadership Compass allows your team or organization to enable synergies and strengthen a agile culture of leadership.

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Understand what it means to lead in the digital world

With the rise of the digital era, leadership has changed. Our think tank LEAD Ideas has studied these shifts together with leading universities from Europe and the US. At the same time, our approaches have been tested and proven in our consulting practice with companies, ministries, NGOs, and startups at LEAD Mindsets & Capabilities. With the LEAD Leadership Compass, you can benefit from our years of experience in just 20 minutes and learn how to make even more effective and sustainable changes in the digital world.

Our study "Beyond Easy Answers" is available in English and German.

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