LEAD Hybrid Work Playbook

The world is fundamentally changing – a new (hybrid) work reality lies ahead of us. But how can we approach and make it effective for our organizations?
In this hands-on playbook you will learn how to approach the challenging task of determining and implementing a hybrid work model for your organization. We 

  • offer fundamental perspectives (three lenses) to look at the challenges at hand
  • detail the areas to consider when determining a hybrid work model
  • suggest a proven co-creative process to act on your hybrid work model
  • showcase how we have worked successfully with clients on their hybrid work model
  • look into the future and sketch out challenges at the horizon leadership will have to face


We started at a time when the term hybrid work model barely existed - now, after more than a year, we have accompanied clients from different sectors, global and smaller organizations. In the meantime, patterns are emerging both in the solutions for individual organizations and in the world of work in general as to how we will work in the future.

The world is becoming hybrid. No simple back to zero, back to the office. Employees and managers are too appreciative of the new degrees of freedom gained without sacrificing productivity.

But not "anything goes" either. The office is too important as a place where the community comes together, exchanges ideas, and new things can emerge in passing.

This playbook is the result of our hands-on experience from numerous consulting projects, incorporating current research and trends, as well as our co-creative approach. It is intended to help you shape your own path to a hybrid future.

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Bastian A. Neumann

Leadership & Transformation Expert

LEAD Mindsets & Capabilities