Understanding Leadership

Digitalization is changing the world – the ways we live, work, how organizations and society work. Leadership means shaping this new development every day – by following a vision and taking small, concrete steps. Leadership thus is not tied to particular hierachical positions, rather it combines behaviors and mindsets: Which signs help you identify opportunities and risks at an early stage? What does it take to make good decisions? How can you guide yourself and others? Which are the most effective ways to elicit innovation? How can you find a common direction? What do you need to build a strong organization? And last but not least: Which way keeps you on your path to inner strength?


New Ideas for New Leadership

Our mission is to promote competent leadership today, and therefore one of our prime foci is to identify and better understand what good leadership looks like in the digital world. In collaboration with leading universities such as the University of St. Gallen and the Harvard Kennedy School, we have interviewed top leaders in business, government and civil society for our LEAD Research Series. The results confirm what we encounter in our own consulting practice time and again: In the digital age, leadership first and foremost means dealing with complexity. There is no such thing as the right leadership tool; instead, leaders constantly need to navigate through paradoxical areas of conflict.

Leadership Means Navigating in Areas of Conflict

In the complex digital world there is no perfect leadership tool.

Beyond Easy Answers

In dealing with complexity the right mindset is crucial for leaders.

8 Roles as Metaphors for Digital Leadership

LEAD's 8 Leadership roles describe complementary approaches for good leadership practice.


About LEAD Ideas

Changes in society and technology affect the way leadership works. Our think tank LEAD Ideas helps to understand these changes and to find well-grounded and up-to-date answers. With our LEAD Research series and by cooperating with experts from science, business and civil society, we pursue applicable solutions that combine scientific findings with practical innovations.

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