This is not Rembrandt, but AI

Artificial Intelligence has even arrived in art and is bringing the Old Masters back to life [more]. It shapes our everyday life in all its forms – from Siri on our smartphones to the music recommendations on Spotify.

In many organizations the picture is different. AI is often still in its infancy here! You might ask yourself: What does AI mean for my organization? Do we even need it and if so, what is the Use Case? To what extent can I, as a manager, make a meaningful contribution?

Our Lab makes you fit for AI

Together with us, you or your leaders will learn all the relevant basics to not only understand AI, but also to proactively shape it in your organization. Jointly, we will develop a presentable prototype, your own AI Minimum Viable Product. At the same time you will expand your digital leadership skills. Let the Buzzword AI finally be followed by action – co-creatively and hands-on!




Your Learnings

Clarity in handling data and AI [more]

You have an understanding of topics such as machine learning, are "data literate" and feel confident to take the lead in AI

Experience in Agile Working and Design Thinking [more]

You can quickly develop central use cases, know how to implement best practices and are aware of how to create sustainable (customer) benefits with AI

Competency in the Digital Transformation [more]

You are familiar with the key skills for learning from data, know what mindset shift is needed and are ready to take the digital transformation of your organization to the next level

Your Learning Journey ...

Become an AI for Impact Champion! Together with one or two other leaders from your company and peers from other exciting organizations, you will go through a Learning Journey consisting of three intensive two-day block formats, which are supplemented by Micro Learnings and exchange in the work phases between the modules.
During the Lab, the expert community of LEAD Machine Learning also accompanies you in the technical development of your Minimum Viable Product. From AI image processing to virtual assistants - we are at your side during the development of your first AI prototype! You do not need any previous knowledge.



... over 10 weeks

  • Problem + Data = Value with AI: Understanding the potential of AI for (customer) benefit and the core principles
  • User Centricity: Creating insight with Stakeholder Mapping and Empathy Map for Use Case Identification
  • Case Reviews: Working in inter-organizational teams through the Design Thinking process
  • Role Reflection: Reflecting the starting point, requirements and target image as a leader in the Digital Transformation
  • Next Steps: Working out the further procedure up to the next module, especially the topic Data Collection

Open Lab with Guest Speaker: "Big Data, Bias & Business - Why AI needs leadership and responsibility"

  • Data First: Analyzing the data basis and exploring possible AI approaches to problem solving
  • Coding Things Up: Discovering the basics about programming, algorithms, machine learning and data protection
  • Prototyping: Creating a Click Dummy for User Testing
  • Conveying AI: Teaching AI and learning to involve others in a participatory way through AI story
  • Next Steps: Elaborating the central to-dos for the next work phase

Micro Learnings (examples): Deep Work, Agile Principles, Leading with Questions, AI 101

  • Getting Things Done: Finalizing AI prototype (or minimum viable product, depending on progress)
  • Pitching for Impact: Developing a communication slam and preparing project presentations in order to obtain backing within the organization
  • Retrospective: Reflecting on central learnings
  • Scaling AI: Defining next steps to create sustainable value from AI
  • Celebration: Celebrating success and strengthening the network

What leaders say about it

Quick Facts about the Lab

For whom?

The Lab is exactly the right thing for you and your leaders if ...
  •  ... you want to actively and responsibly promote AI for your organization and beyond
  • ... you want to get into the subject in a practical way, see quick successes and turn your culture towards innovation
  • ... one of the two or three participants from your company has decision power

How exactly?

  • You work with peers on concrete challenges from your practice and actually build an AI Minimum Viable Product, i.e. a demonstrable prototype
  • You will be accompanied by an expert community and consistently supported in your project by an experienced faculty
  • You grow through individual attention to your requirements in times of digital transformation and fundamental change

What else?

  • Period: mid-January 2021 to end of March 2021 [Module 1: January 14/15 -- Module 2: February 11/12 -- Module 3: March 25/26]
  • How much time you need: In addition to the three two-day block formats, you should have about 10% of your week available for the Lab
  • Covid-19: Depending on the current situation, we design the formats in such a way that a safe learning atmosphere is made possible
  • Fee: EUR 12,500 (plus VAT) per organization for up to three participating executives, including coding support between block formats

This faculty is looking forward to welcoming you!

Tim R. Schleicher

Dr. Therese Thürmer

Maj Seider

Alessandro Schneider