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LEAD helps you drive change, master the digital transformation, and upskill your entire organization.
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Drive transformation

We help you transform your organization to meet the business challenges of tomorrow

Co-creative transformation design
Transformation workshops
Training core team / project office

Go agile

We help you explore formats and structures to increase speed and collaboration, pragmatically using new tools and techniques, but only where appropriate and never religiously

New work strategy
Experiential agile workshops
Train-the-trainer programs

Align your top team

We support your top-team in finding alignment, clarifying roles and responsibilities, working through conflict and building a deep level of trust and commitment

Top-team effectiveness survey
Top-team workshops
C-level conflict coaching

Create collaborative spaces

We help you create an office space fostering collaborative environments with flexible ways of working

Office setup strategy
Major office revamps and moves
Quick solutions for unsexy buildings

Collaborate digitally

We help you empower and hold your teams together through engaging workshops and meetings utilizing strong digital tools

Remote facilitation
Translation offline-to-online
Train-the-trainer programs

Strengthen your team

We help your team create an open, appreciative, and trusting space with clear role alignment.

Team development workshops
Train-the-trainer teambuilding
Conflict facilitation

Develop your culture

We help you understand your organizational culture in depth and work strategically on taking it to the next level

Culture diagnosis
Values assessment
Culture change initiatives

Build digital Leadership

We help you design and drive training programs and learning movements, from short learning nuggets to entire academies with curricula - online and offline

Org learning needs assessment
Academy design
Training program delivery

Boost your people strategy

We help you craft a strong people strategy. We always take a business view and think fresh and user-centric – both in design and recommendations

Employer Value Proposition
Sourcing and retention strategies
Linking business and HR strategies 

Craft engaging offsite experiences

We invite you to leave your normal business context and dive into our fantastic space in Berlin to rethink your business model, grow as a team or explore the future

Facilitated offsites
Transformational experiences

Assess digital readiness

With our own digital instrument, we help you assess the digital leadership readiness of your leaders and teams

Individual assessments
Team assessments
Leadership development strategy

We work with you, not for you


We won't leave you with 100 slides. We leave you with the confidence and tools to move your organization forward.


Change can't be mandated top-down. We co-create the future together with your entire organization.


We have deep respect for what you have built. Change is important, but let's keep the good stuff.


Let's adapt to the novel world that's being born out there. And let's have some fun together while we do it.

Some of our partnerships

Say hello - we're here to help

Dr. Therese Thürmer

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I am Therese. Practioner & Academic. Single-Mom. Art lover. Berliner. 

I am someone who loves clarity and transformation to the next level. This has led me to support LEAD clients on their development paths - as an organization or personally. Organizational design, cultural transformation, leadership coaching, (top) team building and development, remote facilitation – I dedicate myself to all of them. My background consists of longtime experience in the field of digital strategic communication and academic research in the field of organizational design, digitized knowledge work and self-determined work motivation. My sanctuary is modern art, where I find inspiration, energy, and grounding.

+ 49 175 64 10 791

#OrgDesign #CulturalTransformation #LeadershipDevelopment #LeadershipCoaching #RemoteLeadership #WorkMotivation #SDT #DigitizedWork #Clarity #Change

Marius Möhler

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Hi! I am Marius.

I’ve always been fascinated by change – and how people cope with change, confront change, provoke change. So I have dedicated my career to support organizations interacting with change in the most productive way. Be it a German refugee agency that needs to rapidly scale capacity, NGOs that want to form hand washing habits in schools or companies that want to increase psychology safety and accountability in their leadership teams.  I am here to support. For this, I can draw from a broad set of tools and approaches – including behavioral insights, human-centered design and Adaptive Leadership.


#funandfocus #agilegovernment #crosssectoral #adaptiveleadership #peopleperson #behavioralinsights4change

Maj Seider

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I am Maj. Danish. Mother. Full of energy & love living in Berlin!

I describe myself as an energetic change facilitator and speaker who is not afraid of taking charge – also within new territories. I love working with people on opportunities for innovation, change and entrepreneurship. My professional background is mainly within Global Human Resources where I have had the pleasure of leading projects and teams through bigger transformations. I work with a strategic but pragmatic, creative and user-centric view. Would love to talk to you about how I can help you!

+49 151 53 55 9128

#DigitalEnablement #OrganizationalDevelopment #LeadershipDevelopment #ChangeManagement #TeamCollaboration #CultureChangeActivation #HRstrategy #AgileMindset&Behavior #OfficeCollaboration

Dr. Stefan Anderer

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Hi, I am Stefan. Pilgrim. Psychologist. And I like asking questions.

Since very early on, it has enriched me to ask questions. I am passionate about getting to the bottom of things - as a pilgrim on the Way of St. James after high school I literally went to the end of the world (“Finisterra”). During my studies of psychology and later while doing my doctorate on values in business and society I translated my discoveries into practical tools, scientific output and teaching.

After an excursion into consulting for (digital) corporate culture I joined LEAD. I am eager to help clients to find out about their needs – and to develop holistic and practical solutions that reflect the complexity of their situation jointly. Does that sound good to you? Well, let me ask you a few questions… 

+49 160 978 253 92

#why #curiosity #resonance #camino #balance #topteameffectiveness #oneonone
#(org)culture #facilitation #change


We are looking for you!

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At LEAD, we believe in a team of great people. And we are growing.

Currently we are looking for:

Consultants (all levels, up to partner) [description in German]

Pascal A. Nonnen

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Hi, I am Pascal. Rheinländer. Climber. Sociology nerd & passionate musician!

I am fascinated by how digital technology is shaping our society. I find it particularly exciting to see disruptive business models and the changing needs of younger generations give rise to new demands on work and organizations. I have made it my mission to drive these changes. Be it as facilitator of leadership workshops or researcher of algorithmic management practices. I approach problems with agile methodologies, sociological systems thinking, and a knack for interdisciplinary reasoning. Let’s get in touch!

+49 162 77 83836

#LeadershipDevelopment #OKRs&Agility #Resonance&Work #AlgorithmicManagement #OrganizationalDevelopment #InterdisciplinaryMindset #DigitalTransformation #NewWork #Change #WaitButWhy #DrivenByMeaning

Mathis Budny

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Hi, I am Mathis.

I am passionate about exploring leadership challenges from widely varying perspectives in order to find key leverage points for change. As a design-loving industrial engineer who preferably reads psychology books, I always enjoyed making connections between disciplines, am eager to discover new work environments and collaborate with people from different backgrounds. With agile methodologies and design thinking I support teams to find creative solutions. And, in order not to lose sight of the big picture, I believe in taking mindful breaks.


#DigitalNative #InterdisciplinaryMindset #DesignThinking #AgileMindset&Behavior #Resonance #EmotionalIntelligence #ChangeAsAMovement #LeanOperations

Constanze Witt

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I am Constanze. A born and bred West Berliner, with French connections. 

I am part of LEAD M&C since it was founded, helping it grow and streamlining organisational, financial and personnel processes. I am responsible for coordinating consulting projects as well as financial and personnel processes.Connecting people, organising with precision and reacting quickly to the needs of clients and team members are my strengths. I have an eye for detail, always spotting what’s missing and what can be improved, while staying down to earth. I acquired my competences during my years with McKinsey, where I last worked as an assistant to the management. After a four-year excursion into the world of renewable energy, I decided to join LEAD.
+49 30 9210 285-52

#Intrapreneurship #Reliability #ConnectingPeople #OrganisationalExpert

Tim Robert Schleicher

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Hey, I’m Tim. Enabling you to leverage data!

The Data Revolution hits organizations with full force. I believe that Artificial Intelligence can only flourish if your employees embrace and drive it. That’s why I’d love to work with you to reap the benefits of the new playing field by implementing Machine Learning prototypes – jointly with your teams. Doing so, we can truly advance the way you work and the impact you make! My background in Data Science, Relational Economics and many years as a digital transformation consultant helps me with that. You want to become a leader in Machine Learning? Just reach out...

LEAD Machine Learning

+49 174 932 1930

#DeepLearning #ValueCreation #EmpowerEmployees #DigitalSkills #NeuralNetworks #PrototypingMindset #GitHub #TensorFlow #AllOnBoard #DriveChange #ExploreData #GetThingsDone #TestError

Maximilian Gracz

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I’m Max. Half-Polish. Freshly married. Passionate trainer & enthusiastic about seeing others grow.

I’m driven by the fact that people like you and me shape businesses. We need processes, systems, and structures. Yes, and… we need leaders and team members that actively drive the change. It ultimately comes down to their mindsets and capabilities. Seeing others grow and building on organizational strengths is what inspires me. I’m a certified management trainer but more importantly, I love bringing out the best of people. As a former digital IT strategist and industrial engineer, I know the big technical picture. Let us bring it together with people’s development to unlock the full potential of you and your organization.


#DigitalNative #LeadershipDevelopment #MovementCreator #MindsetChanger #OrganizationalStrengthBuilder #ChangeEnabler #DigitalTransformation #TeamCommunication #PersonalDevelopment 



Alessandro Schneider

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Hi, I am Alessandro! Open-minded, data-driven and always willing to help.

I am one of these coders who are a little bit stereotypical. As long as I can remember, I was in love with coding. At the age of 14, I founded successful online communities that connect people, after high school I built an international accommodation platform with ten thousands of users. During that time, I quickly realized how important the influence of data in a digital world is and studied Data Science and Machine Learning. A little less stereotypical, today, I combine all this supporting organizations by leveraging data. Here, I do not only work with code and software but also focus on behavioral and organizational aspects. It’s an amazing journey. Let’s rock Machine Learning – together.

LEAD Machine Learning

#Digital #DataScience #MachineLearning #TensorFlow #ExplaingingAI #DataLiteracy #Programming #DeepLearning #ValueCreation

Oliver Marc Triebel

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I am Oliver. Curious & enthusiastic. Musician & cook.

I am passionate about creating: not only melodies and tastes, but also ideas for our clients, courses of action for my coachees, narratives supporting the sustainable success of organizations. At McKinsey, at Bertelsmann, and now at LEAD, I am supporting organizations, their leaders and employees for more than 25 years now – as a consultant, trainer, coach, and facilitator. Enabling and co-creation is at the center of how I work. Let’s meet and talk!


#DigitalTransformation #20yearsconsulting #Enable&co-create #CuriousLearner #Coach #BusinessCompanion

Dr. Tobias Leipprand

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I'm Tobias. Founder, digital venturer, yogi.

I love helping organizations learn and grow. As a physicist I bring the sharp analytics to crack your business problem. As an avid yoga practitioner I train an open heart. I know that's needed to facilitate deep change and transformation. I've co-founded and built various (social) ventures, and I'm blessed to be trusted to support leadership teams in companies, startups and INGOs alike. In my work, I'm both extremely determined and playful.

+49 175 1681579 (Call or Whatsapp)

#DigitalTransformation #HumanSideOfBusiness #LargeGroupFacilitation #ChangeAsAMovement #PlayfulProfessional #SurfingTheEdge #PurposeIsEverything

Take a peek into our projects

What was the ask?

"What are your best practice tips for me and my organization to deal with this crisis?" 

What did we do?

We put together our best insights on remote leadership, virtual collaboration, crisis communication and resilience in a free-to-download First Aid Kit. Feel free to share! 

Download PDF

What was the ask?

"Linde Engineering is in a deep digital transformation. We have to completely reinvent parts of our businesses to serve our customers with the best possible solutions. How can we get our leaders in Germany and India both excited and confident to lead this transformation - even if we don't yet know how the outcome will look like?"

What did we do?

The most important things when engaging leaders - especially engineers - around the digital transformation is to make it fun and experiential. Nobody wants a two day powerpoint rodeo on digital methodologies. Together with the fantastic digital team at Linde, we crafted a two day program that offers insights into (1) digital disruption to the market and business model, (2) the impact on our organization including new work, and (3) what all this means for me as a leader.

We combined a bunch of super-interactive formats: a future retrospective, building an app in an hour, the LEAD Digital Leadership Compass assessment and a gamified alignment exercise, called Eigenland. The workshop format was offered to all parts of the businesses, and we rolled it out in different parts of the German and Indian organization. Here's an example of how much excitement the workshops generated:

A big shoutout to the Linde Digital team: they created a beautiful and effective change architecture. Digital transformation journeys engage employees over a few months helping them work on digital prototypes. "The two-day leadership workshop helps get the leaders of those participating in the transformation journeys ready to provide the right guidance and support to make the whole thing a success. It is so important to take the senior leaders along. They could otherwise be the first ones to show reservation and stall the process," says Sandy from the Linde Digital team.

What was the ask?

"Our organization is in a deep digital transformation. Leaders at all levels were struggling to lead the change, and people started losing trust in leaders. To start giving guidance, we need a new leadership model."

What did we do?

We made this a co-creative process. Together with a global team of leaders from different levels, we first reviewed the status quo – the strategic direction of the company, digital needs, cultural challenges – and we asked ourselves: “What do leaders need to do, and who do they have to be, to overcome the challenges?”

Over two days, we jointly created a new leadership model. Given the hard times, it needed to be fun and engaging. We came up with 6 leadership qualities, and we got a bitteschö, a graphics agency from Berlin, to illustrate them as super heroes. Over the next months, these 6 super heroes ("the leadership model") become an internal brand and movement. We crafted senior leader programs around the heroes, leaders started recording selfie videos on different qualities, and for each quality, we developed dos and don'ts.

What was the ask?

"We want to build even stronger leaders. But we don't just want a traditional training curriculum. It has to be more avantgarde!"

What did we do?

Together with the core Learning&Development-Team at the client, we took stock of the existing learning landscape. LEAD provided some insights into cutting-edge research which shows that most learning happens on-the-job not in classroom settings. Together, we build a program rooted in self-driven learning, peer learning, and learning as a movement.

The new program is a platform that includes

  • Some classical classroom-based learning formats - both basics and progressive content
  • A peer-learning platform, where leaders can initiate learning formats around topics that are relevant for their businesses - provided online or offline, but themselves or by external faculty
  • A curated library of online and offline content by third-parties; from udacity to TED-talks to corporate learning providers; with the invitation for leaders to find and add their own sources

Around this basic structure, the key was to turn this not into a consumable curriculum but into a movement. That is, instead of pushing the content into the organization, our goal was to make it so exciting and sexy that leaders would pull it. For this we initiated a series of fun events - participatory art installations in the main cafeteria, selfie self-learning videos from the C-levels, learning hackathons, etc.

By the way, as part of the curated content, the client also chose to feature our course on leadership in the digital age. Check out the course overview video:

What was the ask?

"We are in the middle of a digital transformation. Our entire business is changing. We know where to go in terms of strategy and business models, but our organization is not following, our culture is not very digital, and our leaders are not as excited and forward-looking as we want them to be. Please train all our 1,500 leaders."

What did we do?

The key was to make this as interactive and activating while staying within the limits of a 2-day training for the leaders. We first conducted some focus groups and did some prototyping with volunteers to see what would be the best fit. We ended up with a training program that took participants from the broad picture of the digital strategy via the whole field of new work and agile organizations to personal leadreship in a digital world. In essence: (1) where are we going? (2) how does this affect the organization? (3) what does this mean for me?

Our rough agenda looked like this:

Day 1


  • Welcome by the Chief Digital Officer
  • Future retrospective: interactive exercise on exploring our digital journey over the next 10 years
  • Project marketplace: getting to know ongoing initiatives in the company


  • App-in-an-hour: learning design thinking while building an app in teams of 5
  • Introduction to other agile tools
  • Sensemaking session linking agile and new work to ongoing change initiatives


  • Fishbowl discussion with Board member

Day 2


  • Check-in using live-voting
  • Interactive keynote: leading in the digital age
  • HR to present new leadership model with digital focus
  • Peer coaching: what does this mean for me as a leader?


  • Personal commitments: what will I do as of tomorrow?
  • Selfie video recording - sending a digital message to my team
  • Check-out

We then rolled this out over 3 continents and more than 40 training workshops.


Check out our open leadership programs


Want to become part of a future-minded community of inspiring leaders? Participate in virtual formats and physical workshops in Berlin? Learn the newest skills and tools to master leadership in the digital age? Check out our open enrollment programs.

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More than a business

Our mission is to help leaders and organizations build a better tomorrow. And we make our own contribution.



    We give heavy discounts to non-profit and government organizations. Up to two thirds.



    We always use 10% of our profits to finance scholarships for NGOs in the open curriuclum of LEAD Academy.



    Whenever possible, we take the train or use virtual workshop formats. Those flights we can't avoid we offset with Atmosfair.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Constanze Witt
Project coordination 

Tel.: +49 30 921 0285 - 52

Email Constanze